3 Abril, 2017 Paulo


Starting today, you will see the city of Porto, its mouth and the sublime of the charming river Douro and its other wine-growing slopes, through one of our Azimut yachts – model 68 Plus, where superb view will be unlimited on the crystal clear waters By spaces of a superior category, to feel in complete imperturbability and to feel a truly total relaxation. The design of each boat, catamaran, yacht is unmistakable by each boat, becoming a particular oasis in the blue of the sea or river, due to its superb and melodious lines. These boats (boat, catamaran, yacht) combine the functionality with environments that have an elegant and improved aesthetic. All boats (boat, catamaran, yacht) are equipped with the necessary top-of-the-range navigation equipment in total safety, namely VHS, GPS, autopilot, navigation charts and rafts. A lunch, snack or dinner with your best friends on our boats, catamarans, yachts and why not, invite your worthy relatives, is really a great option where no one will be indifferent to the availability of all possible services and exclusive Our organization Vipdrive Portugal:
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