Because we have been able to plan, organize and make available a wide range of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and minibuses, Mercedes-Benz Minibuses and Gran Turismo Buses in the Premium area, to any national or international destination.

Whether for a journey of only a few hours or several days, even weeks, VIPDRIVE PORTUGAL will always have a solution for each client, offering a wide range of solutions for occasional or regular rentals, such as the transportation of family members or employees, and not only.

VIPDRIVE PORTUGAL can offer vehicles and buses to private individuals, providing transport for all types of events or events, from stag and hen parties, weddings, baptisms, religious tours, cultural tours, excursions of various kinds, friends and / or family, including companies, associations, schools or any travel and tourism agencies.

With a vast experience in this area and having a network of professional partners working 24 hours a day in direct contact, you can normally respond to any daily request to any point in Portugal, allowing us to offer to all our Clients, a service of Mercedes-Benz cars, Mercedes-Benz minibuses and Buses in the area of high quality rentals – Premium service, be it private, religious, cultural or any other type.

If you are organizing an event and need transportation, be it a Congress, a Seminar, a Convention, a Fair or any other type of private or non-private event, VIPDRIVE PORTUGAL will have an ideal transportation solution designed for the objective of each Client.

In Portugal, whether from an airport, hotel, residence or any other place,
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